Friday, May 1, 2009

More goofin around..

This camera is so good.. you can see the chunk of sunflower seed on the tooth..look closely!

Fishy face!

Livvy and the ducks.. that later came after her!

Playin in the sand


Kira said...

you are getting really good with that camera... do you think it can zoom in enough to get a picture of the baby?? rex thought this might work, if you had a good enough zoom. I told him I would ask... he he
Misss you!!!!

The Steenblog Fam said...

Ya know the best way to get something out of your teeth is to follow it down with a snack pack! Nothing a little puddin' can't handle if ya know what i'm saying. Hope your summer is a good one.

The Jackson's said...
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The Jackson's said...

Hey Jessie,
How are you? You look so dang cute in your pictures (sunflower seed in your teeth and all ;-) Looks like you're happy and doing well..we should get together sometime for lunch or something. Email me at Hope to hear from you soon!

Britney said...

Your niece is BEAUTIFUL! Who's is she?

I also love your glasses!