Friday, May 1, 2009

More goofin around..

This camera is so good.. you can see the chunk of sunflower seed on the tooth..look closely!

Fishy face!

Livvy and the ducks.. that later came after her!

Playin in the sand

Playin at the Park...

The geese were going after Livvy.. she threw grass over the fence and they thought they were getting dinner!

The little monkey!

She can look so sweet...

Night at the ball park...

Cute Gabbi, she may not be the best on the team.. but she is the cutest!

Sophie wanting to try out the new camera.

Gabbi listening carefully while Daddy Josh gave her instructions

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday night hot-dog roast...

My brother and his cute wife had me over for a hot-dog roast. We got a fire going, roasted hot dogs, and smores. The dogs hung out and ran around and played and we sat out by the fire giggling, and eating until we could eat no more. It was so much fun! The only thing that was missing was my other neices, Z, Sophie, Oliviah and Tayla! Thanks Becca for such a fun night!

Saturday night hotdog roast!

Such a cute boy...

Yes, I am pathetic but he is like my child. He is my test subject with the new camera, and I think he is getting a little sick of all the pictures!


Random pictures..

Told you I would be posting random photos with my new camera. This is the lense I bought that focuses your main object then does the background blurry.. I love it...It doesn't take great talent to do great pics with this camera. However I do start photography classes this week!